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We intend to post blogs on this page that will help you understand the problem of low literacy skills in our community, links to additional information, tips, and resources for our tutors. We will also post updates and stories about our agency, our tutors, and our learners and how we are trying to improve literacy skills one adult at a time. The mission of the Literacy Coalition is simple: Improve Howard County through Literacy

Illiteracy is a "root" problem
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday
After the Turkey on Thanksgiving and the battles at retail stores, sit back in give to a charity on the International Day of Giving
Teaching Adults
An illiterate adult is never a lost cause. Try these tips if you can't seem to get your student to engage with the materials and don't forget to allow for some fun!
Teachers - A Read-Aloud For Secondary & Adult Literacy Classrooms - Nightjohn
We believe in stressing the value of literacy to our students. Gary Paulsen's Nightjohn is a powerful reminder of this oft forgotten point.
Adult Illiteracy in America - Who Are These People?
Adult Illiteracy is a massive problem that needs to be addressed with compassion. It is easy to dismiss these people as lazy but that is far from the case.
Programs to Help End Illiteracy
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