August will be busy!


August is a busy month for us at the literacy Coalition. We want to give everyone a head’s up so they can participate if interested. Here’s a glance at the month ahead. Call our office, 765-450-8532 for more details.

August 2nd – 4:30-6:00 PM- Bona Vista Open House for early Head Start. Bob and Jessie will be attending to explain our Reading Rabbits program to parents and how it benefits their children. They will also explain our programs to parents who may need our services.

August 7th-4:00-5:30PM- Tutor Training for new tutors. This will be a two-hour training for new tutors to introduce them to our training techniques and the materials and resources available to them.

August 7th- 6:00 – 7:00 PM -Tutor Roundtable for all Literacy Coalition tutors. Immediately following our new tutor training we will have a discussion group for all of our tutors. We will discuss measuring gains made over this semester and how they can use the new Kindles in our office to help their students. Each participant will also get a free “resource stick” containing lesson plans, ideas and web resources that they can use.

August 8th –6:00-7:30PM - “Read Between the Wines” book club meeting. Since last September we have a monthly meeting for our book club where we discuss a book we’ve read that month and enjoy some wine (optional) and snacks. This activity is available to anyone in the community and is meant to be a celebration of reading and literacy. This month we will be discussing the book Cutting for Stone by Abraham Vergese. You are welcome to drop in and listen in or participate.

August 9th -5;00 -6:00 PM – Literacy Coalition’s Board of Director’s monthly meeting.

August 14th - 4:00-6:00 PM – Literacy Coalition’s first annual picnic for our tutors, students, volunteers and their families at Rodger’s Pavilion in Highland Park.
August 20th –Our new semester begins. This will be the third of our 13 week semesters this year.

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