Prison Book Club


One of the new programs we have implemented this year is a book club for select inmates at the Miami Correctional Facility. We send volunteers to the facility every Monday for a 90-minute book discussion. Our group has been great to work with and are avid readers. While we still are working out some kinks in the program it has been very well received.
“In my 29 years here nothing has been this important to me.”
“I appreciate being able to meet and talk with normal people not dressed in prison garb and complaining about prison problems.”
“The most important thing any of us have is time. I want you to know I appreciate you taking your time and sharing this with us.”
Our hope is to provide these inmates with intellectual stimulation that helps prepare them for their eventual release. If this is something you might be interested in please call our office at 765-450-8532 and lets us know.

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